Improve User Adoption – Allow your users to create tasks from Chatter using Global Actions

One of our favorite features in the Spring ’13 release was Chatter Tasks.  This feature allowed you to create tasks quickly and easily from your Chatter feed.  In the Summer ’13 release, Chatter Tasks has been replaced with the more robust Global Actions feature.  Take 5-10 minutes to set up this feature and your users will thank you.  Below are the steps for setting up tasks in your Chatter feed using Global Actions:

1.  First, you’ll need to enable publisher actions.  Go to Setup> Chatter> Settings>  check the “enable publisher actions” checkbox and hit save.


2. Next, define a global action to create tasks.  Go to Setup> Create> Global Actions.  Click on New Action
Select task as the target option and fill in the fields as shown here:
Click save.  Now modify the Task Action page layout as shown here and hit save:
3.  Modify the global layout to include your newly created task action.  Go to Setup> Customize> Chatter> Publisher Layouts.  Select edit Global Layout and drag the task action to the global layout
Save the layout and you’re done.  Now check out your chatter feed in any standard object and you”ll see the task action.
4.  Task is now an action in your Chatter window!  Your users now have an easy and convenient way of adding tasks in Salesforce which translates to higher user satisfaction and higher user adoption.

One thought on “Improve User Adoption – Allow your users to create tasks from Chatter using Global Actions

  • This is genius! However, is there anyway automatically connect the task to the lead/contact without having to search for it every time? I think our users would almost prefer to use the normal Salesforce task creator because they know the task is automatically assigned to the specific record they are creating the task on.

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