“Extremely knowledgable, Fast and Friendly”

“Extremely knowledgable, Fast and Friendly”
SevenPoints helped us on a few projects that we continue to build on. They creat

SevenPoints helped us on a few projects that we continue to build on. They created a member-facing patient portal that links into a new Salesforce Org they helped us build. They also helped us replace an externally built Salesforce application that we need to improve and enhance.

They are also helping us create a new Salesforce environment that is more intuitive, and they continue to help us make improvements along the way. Jim, Pete, and Mike always respond quickly and take the time to answer any questions we may have, as well as offer suggestions on better business practices.

SevenPoints isn't just a business vendor. They become an actual business partner that helps you successfully deliver your project. The team is excellent with technical and communication skills. Every week they provide a thorough project status report the provided updates on schedule, budget, and any potential risks/issues. Communication is immediate and clear as they are incredibly responsive.

What was appreciated by my team was that SevenPoints and their team (Jim, Pete, and Mike) work together to understand our organization and businesses processes with an open mind. Some consultants want to come in and build the application. SevenPoints listens and asks questions and learns the business that they are supporting. That is the BEST first step to working with them and understanding the business requirements, and finish a successful project.  They will come in under or right on budget and will deliver ahead of schedule.

We needed a new SalesForce environment that could adjust to the changing needs of our business and our extreme growth. With the work they have done already, we can see how we can continue to improve and grow with SalesForce. SevenPoints continues to streamline our business processes which has saved us manual time.

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