AmplifyBio is a preclinical CRO focused on accelerating development of therapies and vaccines through expertise, advanced technology, and data.

Although AmplifyBio’s parent company leveraged Microsoft Dynamics 365 as its CRM, their team turned to SevenPoints implement Salesforce as a replacement to simplify reporting and sales processes.

The Challenge: Unify Data and Simplify Reporting

AmplifyBio was launched as a spinoff from a larger organization in the R&D space. Although the parent company had Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it didn’t fit AmplifyBio’s model. A combination of non-intuitive reporting and complex sales processes meant that their Chief Commercial Officer had to spend hours combing through spreadsheets to forecast the business – so they looked for an alternative solution.

AmplifyBio opted to implement Salesforce, and needed a partner who could guarantee a successful launch. SevenPoints was recommended to AmplifyBio by their Salesforce team due to our expertise in business process evaluation, sales and CRM best practices, and the Salesforce platform itself. 

Amplify Bio needed the following:

  • Comprehensive implementation: They wanted to transition from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to a more user-centric platform that both sales and marketing teams could swiftly adapt to and scale on.
  • Unified data: There was a pressing need for an all-encompassing platform to closely monitor customer health and to master their data comprehensively.
  • Simplified reporting: Their sales reporting system was time-consuming and cumbersome, requiring offline spreadsheet manipulations, leading to inefficiencies in forecasting.

The Solution: Sales Cloud Accelerator with Integrations

We began AmplifyBio’s Salesforce implementation with a fresh look at their current state: understanding their goals, objectives, and the sales and forecasting business processes that makes them unique.  We then translated those requirements to Salesforce based on industry best practices.

Over the course of the project, we implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud, taking into account AmplifyBio’s need for account segmentation, time tracking on opportunity stage duration, lead management and web-to-lead to capture interest from the website, and opportunity management.  

Additionally, we ensured their sales team would avoid multiple logins and working in numerous systems by integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Outlook, and SSO via Azure Active Directory.  

Lastly, we provided leadership with a view of the business through a dashboard with reporting from multiple angles.

Throughout the project, we worked in an agile manner, allowing us to pivot when needs arose such as historical view of pipeline and forecast changes month over month as opposed to just a current snapshot of the business.

The Results: Under Budget, Fast, and with High Satisfaction

This project was delivered ahead of schedule (7 weeks vs. the projected 10 week timeline) and under budget to 5-star reviews from the AmplifyBio team. They were immediately able to run their sales organization more effectively, efficiently, and go to market ahead of schedule.

The success of our Sales Cloud launch led AmplifyBio to accelerate the hire of their first Marketing Director, standing up marketing campaigns in Salesforce, and purchasing Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) a full 12 months ahead of schedule.

In alignment with their original goals, the CCO also now benefits from a holistic view of the sales pipeline, encompassing both the current scenarios and historical data shifts.

AmplifyBio says:

“I have 20 years of Salesforce experience and have used several implementation/consulting firms in the past. SevenPoints was by far the best partner that I used. Our Salesforce implementation has been viewed as a tremendous success across our organization. For me personally, it was a game changer that has enabled me to execute my job more effectively.

I’m a big believer in Salesforce, however, I have seen poorly implemented Salesforce solutions in my career. Based upon my experience, I would use SevenPoints regardless of whether I have a small or large user base. Our requirements were rather complex. They did a great job of listening and executing. In fact, our experience was so successful that we actually purchased Pardot for marketing automation, 12 months ahead of our original plans. I did not hesitate… I directed my team to work directly with SevenPoints on the Pardot project.

Bottom line, I view them as a true partner and would strongly recommend using SevenPoints.”

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