Companies turn to Salesforce to drive strategic growth, win new customers, grow and enhance value to existing customers, and to boost
sales, marketing, & customer service productivity

After an unpredictable and challenging few years, companies are looking to get back on track, create new opportunities, and meet evolving customer expectations using the Salesforce platform

Acquiring Salesforce is just the first step. Strategic and competitive advantages come from how a company optimizes and sets up streamlined workflows and processes, taking advantage of automation with Salesforce.  A well-designed and built Salesforce solution allows a company to compete effectively in an increasingly competitive market


Implement Salesforce to enable employees to grow the business by winning new customers and growing existing ones

Empower employees to work efficiently in a streamlined process, from the office or remotely, as the situation demands


The ability to align business objectives and existing business processes with optimized workflows and processes to unleash the awesome power and productivity of the Salesforce platform


What we Do at SevenPoints Consulting Inc
We are technologists & business process experts that solve all sorts of business problems – simple or complex, in Marketing, Sales, Business Operations, & Customer Service by building Salesforce solutions.

We help our clients drive the maximum value and ROI from their Salesforce investments. We do so by finding the shortest path to value, while building long-term relationships with our clients.  We invest in learning the ins and outs of your business, so that we are there for you as your business grows, scales, and transforms in the realization of your vision

What we Do at SevenPoints Consulting Inc


We are a Salesforce consultancy that helps you grow and evolve your business along with your customer relationships.

We blend process and technology to create a Salesforce solution that supports your business, increases your competitive advantage, and pushes your operational processes forward so you can do more for your customers. And do it better and faster than ever before!

WHY WE DO IT - SevenPoints Consulting Inc

We Have A Solution For Every Salesforce Challenge

Salesforce is the backbone of an
enterprise, & yet more than 70% of Salesforce implementations fail. At SevenPoints, failure is not an option. We combine business know-how with Salesforce expertise to solve even your biggest problems

WHY WE DO IT - SevenPoints Consulting Inc

We are singularly focused on your business

We partner with you to fully understand your business goals, not just your
tech needs. We then align those goals with Salesforce, making sure your
Salesforce solution helps you achieve and exceed them

WHY WE DO IT - SevenPoints Consulting Inc

We are Salesforce experts so you don’t have to be.

Salesforce is powerful but complex. We help you understand and manage
that complexity, showing you what’s possible when your platform is properly
implemented, integrated and optimized for your business


We develop and execute a strategic roadmap that unlocks the full power
of Salesforce to reimagine the way you do business

Our agile delivery methodology creates rapid value at each step of  the implementation journey. Using a “Crawl, Walk, Run” approach we configure, customize, and deploy Salesforce technology to your organization at a pace that is easily assimilated, without disrupting your ongoing business operations & customer relationships. Enabling you to scale, grow, compete, and win

Consult - SevenPoints Consulting Inc


Identify your needs, determine your goals, assess your platform and envision the future of your business

Plan - SevenPoints Consulting Inc


Define your business process, develop the business case and architect
your ideal state solution

Implement - SevenPoints Consulting Inc


Build a solution that combines optimized processes and workflows with Salesforce technology

Optimize- SevenPoints Consulting Inc


Refine, enhance, upgrade and automate your processes and workflows, and configure and customize Salesforce to support them

Support - SevenPoints Consulting Inc


Provide ongoing analysis, design, modify, support, troubleshooting, and end-user training to ensure you continue to get the most out of your Salesforce investment


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