LogiCall is a cloud-based solution that facilitates after-hours and unscheduled daytime audio and video calls between patients and their providers.

As a recently launched company with aggressive growth goals, their team needed a comprehensive CRM platform that aligned with their business model. They turned to SevenPoints for industry expertise and best practices in implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The Challenge: Quick Launch + Flexibility

Founded in 2023, LogiCall was initially focused on building their sales motion, go-to-market strategy, and defining their ideal customer base. To accomplish this, they needed a powerful platform to manage sales and internal processes.

Their team envisioned having a direct and indirect path to revenue via channel partners, so they needed a scalable, flexible Salesforce implementation to allow for growth. SevenPoints was brought in due to sales process expertise, Sales Cloud best practices, and the ability to work fast.

The Solution: Sales Cloud Accelerator

SevenPoints proposed a Sales Cloud Accelerator to focus on Salesforce best practices, speed to go-live, and not overcomplicating the data architecture while LogiCall designed their go-to-market strategy. The goal was quick ROI and seamless user adoption.

We enabled account, lead, and opportunity management with Salesforce campaigns, email activity capture, and sales reporting on leads and activities.

Specifically for LogiCall, we added custom account management for niche business specialties and imported existing data to ensure a clean Salesforce launch.

Note: The dashboard screenshots displayed here include sample data that is not specific to this client.

The Results: Fast Implementation and User Adoption

In just 3 weeks we implemented LogiCall’s custom Sales Cloud instance and trained their users, maximizing time-to-value and adoption. LogiCall’s CRO was immediately able to capture sales activity, manage their lead funnel, and create campaigns to track field event ROI.

LogiCall is configured to allow for future flexibility in building sales processes: including direct sales, indirect sales, and channel sales – and tracking opportunities that come from each. The most important thing for LogiCall was a fast, solid CRM foundation, which we achieved in record time.

LogiCall says:

“Currently our team is very small and I am the only person using Salesforce. SevenPoints was able to customize Salesforce to meet our requirements for the hospital and medical practice markets and is scalable as we grow our team.

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