“More Than A Consultant”

“More Than A Consultant”
SevenPoints helped us design, build and implement a new enterprise core processi

SevenPoints helped us design, build and implement a new enterprise core processing system that set the stage for growing our business in ways not possible with our previous legacy application. We now have a modern system built with current technology that is on the cloud, reduces our on-premises risks, can be accessed from anywhere with our remote workforce, is secure, is scalable, and provides flexibility to expand our services. Dashboards and other analytics give us insight into businesses processes that just wasn’t possible before and enable us to manage proactively and in real-time. We better control our work, rather than letting the work control us.

SevenPoints is more than just a technology consultant. They have strong experience in business process and project management and learned our business as well as most of our experts. They know what we want to accomplish and help figure out how to leverage technology to make it happen.

There are no downsides. This a top-notch professional firm that can be relied on.

SevenPoints has been great throughout the entire process. We replaced the legacy system and made improvements along the way. SevenPoints was receptive to feedback, ideas and suggestions, counseled us on best practices, and provided thoughtful insight and advice on everything we do on our platform to capture more productivity.

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